[On-demand webinar] Slide into a new supply chain planning experience

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Let’s face it. Managing a global supply chain is no easy feat. You constantly have to solve complex problems and manage shifting situations driven by things like regulation changes, growing consumer expectation and geo-political unrest. Tradeoffs and difficult choices are everywhere. Add to that the fact that many of us are still using antiquated technology that just hasn’t kept up with the times and it’s no wonder we often feel stuck in firefighting mode. All of that begs one crucial question: in today’s volatile business environment where changes come fast and often, how can you be sure you’re making the best possible decisions for your business?

Confident decision-making made easy

The answer lies within the very foundations of your supply chain. Leave uncertainty behind and open the door to a new supply chain planning experience where confident decision-making is easy. Discover the secrets to confident decision-making in our on-demand webinar ‘Slide into a new planning experience.’ Join Lizet Tymon, Director of Advanced Planning at Jabil and Bill Dubois, Director of Industry Marketing at Kinaxis as the explore how:

  • Visibility, flexibility and agility support confident decision-making
  • Jabil transformed its S&OP processes to making planning easier
  • The latest innovations from Kinaxis are reshaping the planning experience

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