Autism at Work Program

A culture of inclusion is our foundation 

Diversity of thought is the foundation of our culture of inclusion. Cultivating an environment that respects employees’ diverse views and experiences is critical to our success in today’s global world. We believe that an inclusive culture that celebrates our talent diversity advances innovation and also helps to build a competitive advantage.

This is why we partnered with Specialisterne Canada, an international organization that helps employers understand, value, and integrate the unique perspective and capabilities of people with autism, to roll out the Autism at Work program.

Autism at work program

Kinaxis has committed to having 1% of its workforce comprised of people with autism. Kinaxis joins software giants who have partnered with Specialisterne globally to access untapped talent using the not-for-profit’s proven model for training and hiring individuals on the autism spectrum.

“We’re thrilled to be the first company in the Ottawa region to roll out a program like this,” said Megan Paterson, Vice President of Human Resources at Kinaxis. “We strongly believe that diversity in the work place helps to create a better, more inclusive environment. By employing people who think differently, we’re helping to foster innovation, which is of course a top priority for us. New approaches like these are needed to encourage businesses to tap into a larger pool of qualified applicants.”

Autism at work