Integrated supply chain planning, visibility and response

Unify your supply chain planning

Using a single planning platform, Kinaxis streamlines processes, breaks down silos and lets you plan concurrently for every part of your supply chain – from sales and operations planning (S&OP) to demand, inventory, supply, capacity, machine learning and more. The result? Happier customers, lower costs and less risk. 

Make more profitable supply chain decisions

Kinaxis brings your data, processes and people into alignment. Our concurrent planning technique takes you beyond the disconnected, cascaded processes of the past so you can manage today's supply chain volatility. Know sooner. Act Faster. And make more profitable decisions.

Evaluate options and trade-offs, collaborate on and define an S&OP plan closely aligned with corporate financial goals.

Integrated Project Management

Create an insightful consensus demand plan combining historical statistical forecast with multiple functional forecast streams with input from all stakeholders.

Demand Planning
Order Fulfillment

Determine optimal inventory strategies and policies that support required customer service levels across all levels of the supply chain.

Inventory Management
Inventory Planning and Optimization

Align supply plans with demands at all levels including distribution and suppliers. Identify gaps and collaborate with other functional areas to avoid excess and shortage conditions.

Aggregate Supply Planning
Distribution Requirements Planning
Master Production Scheduling
Supply Action Management
Supplier Collaboration
Engineering Change Management

Simultaneously model constraints and fine-tune capacity throughout your supply chain with the visibility and flexibility to respond to conditions as they change.

Capacity Planning (Constraints)
Capacity Planning (CRP)

Close the gap between expected and real-world supply chain performance. Get alerts on high-impact exceptions. Understand the impact of design assumption inaccuracies. See continued value over time.

Self-Healing Supply Chain

Supply chain planning functionality all in one place

All the planning functions you use in the Kinaxis RapidResponse platform work in perfect harmony.

Choose only the functions you need for your business today – and turn others on over time as your requirements evolve. RapidResponse is completely configurable to the demands and reality of your business.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.