Inventory Management

Don’t let inventory drag you down.

Replace inventory with info to drive service levels up and costs down

High inventory levels can be a huge drain on your bottom-line performance. Managing your inventory in an optimal way demands end-to-end supply chain visibility, accurate planning and supply chain responsiveness so you can leverage inventory assets efficiently and make the most effective decisions for your business.

Balance on-time delivery with inventory investment

Kinaxis Inventory Management ensures you have the right level of inventory in the right place at the right time to keep margins strong and avoid both excesses and shortages. Deep insight into your current inventory position and policies lets you assess the impact on key metrics like customer service levels, inventory quality ratio and period of supply.

Improved outcomes for your business

  • A full view of your inventory across all sites with the ability to proactively identify risks and opportunities
  • Knowledge of which products or parts aren’t performing to target so you can continually fine-tune your inventory policies
  • Optimized performance through informed trade-offs between on-time delivery targets and inventory levels
  • Tight control of inventory levels in all categories
  • Insight into lead-time variability and historical lead-time trends
  • A clear view of the active and excess inventory you’ll have at the end of any given period for strategic decision-making

Workflow Process Components

While every company’s supply chain is unique, certain best practices still apply. Our workflow process templates help you get started fast, while offering the flexibility and personalization you need to meet your goals.

Inventory Process


Improved adherence to inventory targets above 95%

With RapidResponse, we improved event management for supply with non-conformance and improved adherence to inventory targets above 95%. We are consistently managing abnormal scrap 20% below budget.

Executive, Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company
Improved inventory turns by 20%

With RapidResponse, we’ve improved inventory turns by 20% due to our ability to avoid stock outs by having much faster prediction capabilities.

Business Project Manager, Large Enterprise Electronics Company

What’s next on your supply chain journey?

You can achieve significant added benefits by using Kinaxis Inventory Management with one or more related solutions to ensure synchronization across planning processes.

Organizations using Inventory Management also subscribe to our S&OP solution, and realize even more value by using it with Inventory Planning and Optimization, Master Production Scheduling or Supply Action Management.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.