Order Fulfillment

Commit with confidence and keep customers satisfied.

Know the cost of your commitments and how you’ll deliver

You never want to say no to an order. But saying yes without full knowledge of if, when and how you can deliver – or what the impact will be on other orders and your overall profitability – can also put your business at risk.

Fast, fully informed decision-making

Kinaxis Order Fulfillment lets you meet customer expectations by setting consistently achievable delivery dates. Base your order fulfillment decisions on sound financial and operational impact modeling. Run scenarios in seconds, analyze the results and provide frontline staff the information they need to give customers answers in near real-time. Alerts keep your operation notified of any order changes – and immediately see if those changes affect your ability to meet commitments.

Improved outcomes for your business

Keeping up with customers’ rapidly changing demands and preferences is a tall order in this fast-paced world. With Order Fulfillment:

  • Make promises you can keep, quickly, with reference to existing demand and supply plans
  • Use available-to-promise and capable-to-promise logic for greater accuracy and model supply chain impacts for all component parts 
  • Analyze the impact of new orders as they come in for a continually updated view
  • Make cost-effective decisions through cross-functional collaboration

Workflow Process Components

While every company’s supply chain is unique, certain best practices still apply. Our workflow process templates help you get started fast, while offering the flexibility and personalization you need to meet your goals.

Order Fulfillment Process


Significantly less effort than a traditional ERP system

RapidResponse helps our operations team easily and accurately identify buildable orders. We often use it to identify short-term shortages, project E&O, fulfill complex reporting needs and meet unique planning requirements that would require tremendous effort in a traditional ERP system.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Electronics Company
Faster response times for new commits

The major benefit our company has received with RapidResponse is the response time for the commit process with our customers. While on the phone with a customer, our SCM team can provide a commit for a new demand, which is phenomenal.

IT Systems Analyst, Celestica

What’s next on your supply chain journey?

You can achieve significant added benefits by using Kinaxis Order Fulfillment with one or more related solutions to ensure synchronization across planning processes.

Organizations that use Order Fulfillment can realize even more value by using it with Demand Planning, Capacity Planning (Constraints), Inventory Management or Master Production Scheduling.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.