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Founded in 2011, Bluecrux is a value chain consulting and technology company. We help to transform today’s supply chains into smart, efficient, and fully integrated value chains. We believe that only true collaboration leads to innovation, by converging at the intersection of our knowledge and our customers’ ambition and by linking expertise with technology to solve problems with purpose.

And this is exactly what our Kinaxis RapidResponse sponsor Jon San Andres (Group Planning Director at Accell) refers to in his testimonial about our collaboration and value during their Kinaxis implementation: “Using their sound methodology on how to manage APS implementations, Bluecrux helped us creating the first step in digitization of our planning processes. Blending their business process, Kinaxis system and overall change management expertise.”

Our client portfolio includes some of the world's largest companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, BMS, Bridgestone, AkzoNobel, Beiersdorf, Oatly, Accell and many more. Our desire to work closely with them is also reflected in our global presence, with offices both in Europe and the US.

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