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Every company’s supply chain is unique, with its own set of challenges and solutions. As a result of regulations, expirations and generic and brand name labels, complexity is commonplace in life sciences supply chains.

As a result, companies are adopting life sciences supply chain process improvements and new technologies targeted at removing business silos, improving collaboration and increasing productivity. That's where we come in!

Kinaxis® RapidResponse® provides you with the capabilities you’ll need to stay ahead when it comes to life sciences supply chain management. From pharmaceutical supply chains to bio-medical device manufacturing and everything in between, we can help you easily balance supply and demand at multiple levels of aggregation. With real-time analysis and robust what-if scenario simulation, you’ll be able to evaluate your options when it comes to mix level detail and material and capacity constraints.

You’ll even be able to account for attributes like expiry dates, stop-sell dates and batch numbers down to the SKU level, meaning you’ll be able to manage lot traceability across all levels of your life sciences supply chain, including supply alignment to upstream work orders.

With around 80% of products from new products coming during the initial launch, RapidResponse lets you model new product introductions (NPIs) as pseudo parts so you can make accurate projections on fulfillment, revenue, capacity and material availability. You’ll know sooner if your targets are realistic, so you can act faster to capitalize on your product launch.

Here are a few industry-specific examples of RapidResponse use-cases and results...

With RapidResponse we improved event management for supply with non conformance and improved adherence to inventory targets above 95%. We are consistently managing abnormal scrap below budget (20% below budget).

Executive, Global 500 Pharmaceuticals company