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Your supply chain has struggled to respond to the business chaos of recent years. You never know what will create risk for your supply chain: a pandemic, a ship running aground in the Suez Canal, a semiconductor shortage or daily volatility. You think there is no easy path to build agility and resiliency, but you have an opportunity of a lifetime to transform your company and your career. It’s possible to get your supply chain healthy in 12 weeks and drive business success.

Excel and your patchwork of legacy systems from vendors without a concentrated focus on planning aren’t going to give you the agility, resilience and transparency you need. Leading supply chain experts have recognized a step change opportunity to shift from firefighting yesterday’s challenges to taking advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. It’s based on a renaissance in planning powered by a fundamental technique called concurrent planning and a unique rapid start implementation process.

Kinaxis delivers all your required planning applications like Control Tower, Demand, Supply, S&OP / IBP, Production, Sustainability, etc. on one cloud platform. With Kinaxis, supply chain teams have the agility to plan for all futures and react seamlessly and immediately in coordinated processes across all functions. Kinaxis is recognized by analysts as a proven Leader with hundreds of customers from leading brands like P&G, Schneider Electric, Ford and Merck to smaller companies across the globe. Surveys consistently cite our human approach and partnership culture as unmatched in the industry.


Vision and execution

Kinaxis delivers proven value at enterprise-scale, not limited pilots, proofs of concepts or delayed rollouts. Our product roadmap and vision combines next generation technology with human intelligence and a global ecosystem. It’s the result of working closely with our expert community. And our solution is easily upgradeable since RapidResponse isn’t customized. It’s a no-code configuration for our entire community across all industries.


Easy & quick to go-live

Kinaxis offers a complete supply chain planning solution to reduce implementation risk to get you up, running and driving value in as little as 12 weeks with our RapidStart program.


An unparalleled relationship

Kinaxis offers unwavering commitment to supply chain planning and our people-first, relationship-based approach to our communities. Kinaxis works with customers to help them leave a lasting legacy for their teams and the planet. Kinaxis has a very active customer community and ecosystem, so you will have access to a rich network of similar professionals.


Modern technology

Cascaded planning is outdated, ineffective and riddled with latency. True concurrent planning with the Kinaxis Cognitive Knowledge Graph and Planning.AI (heuristics and optimization combined) offers true transparency and agility for better decision making.


The art of the possible

With Kinaxis, anything can be a scenario. As our customer Kristen LeBaron, VP of Supply Chain Planning at Lippert, says, “If you can dream it, you can do it with RapidResponse.”

Gartner names Kinaxis a Leader

Kinaxis recognized as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Supply Chain Planning Solutions

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The other vendor said, ‘We can do it, trust us,’ but they could not show it in a practical application.
The other vendor was famous for saying, ‘You get the point.’
We thought, ‘Yes, we get the point but show it to us.'“
VP, Business Architect
The one word to describe Kinaxis is integrity; Integrity in culture, product and all things.”
VP, Sales and Operations
The fact that the other vendor did not want to work with us in the beginning made me question whether they could handle a company of our size or whether they were just arrogant.”
VP, Supply Chain Planning

Trusted by our customers

Whether you’re looking to move off Excel or legacy planning applications, or exploring how to digitally transform your supply chain, we can help. We’re trusted by companies across industries and of all sizes and maturity levels.

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