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To drive a successful end-to-end supply chain, your organization requires not only the right software solution, but also a user community with the expertise to deploy it to its fullest potential. To help improve the time to value, and rate of adoption across your global user community, the Kinaxis Knowledge Services team has developed a unique portfolio of learning programs.

Our learning programs are designed to provide a continuous role-based path to competency via a range of learning options, including instructor-led courses, virtual classrooms, self-paced learning, and expansive learning and adoption programs, all of which include access to experts and knowledge testing. Whether you are looking for a learning roadmap as an individual, a group, or for your entire RapidResponse user base, Knowledge Services is here to enable you to reach those goals.

We strive to create learning programs that provide:

  • Continuous learning, digital content and social knowledge sharing.
  • Increased product adoption through training paths and certification.
  • A skilled Center of Excellence and End User Community.
  • Deep RapidResponse and Supply Chain Management expertise.

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