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We measure our success by our customer's success. At Kinaxis, we take great pride in delivering supply chain solutions that help our customers realize new business breakthroughs and tangible operations performance results.  Here are a few customer case study examples.

  • Adeptron

    ArtaflexAs an Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider operating in a competitive environment, the customer relationship is paramount to the success of Adeptron's business. To not only help the company ensure customer responsiveness and optimize its operations performance, Adeptron sought out a response management solution that could offer its customers the level of visibility they desired into their extended supply chains.

  • Agilent Control Tower Case Study

    Agilent: The Power of a Control Tower
    (by Supply Chain Quarterly)

    Agilent Technologies' 'control tower' - an information hub linking the instrument maker with its suppliers to provide inventory visibility - has helped the company deftly model parts availability, manage order promising, and counteract parts shortages during a natural disaster.


  • Agilent Technologies

    AgilentLike many companies, outsourcing manufacturing operations is a key strategy for Agilent, which means coordinating a virtual, multi-tier supply chain comprised of various supplier and contract manufacturing partners. This puts an increased dependency on end-to-end supply chain visibility and efficient and effective supplier collaboration to enable the company’s success. Agilent required a holistic, end-to-end planning and response management system that could facilitate information flow to and from suppliers, and ensure everyone understands the consequences of decisions up and down the supply chain. They chose Kinaxis RapidResponse.


  • Avaya

    Avaya’s Supply Chain Transformation
    (By Aberdeen Group)

    With a vision to spend less time on low-value tasks (like translating and moving data) and more time on high-value, proactive activities that have a real impact on the business, Avaya embarked on a multi-year supply chain transformation journey. Along the way, they addressed common supply chain challenges, including disparate processes, multiple ERPs and lack of visibility. Learn how their five-phase approach resulted in a best-in-class supply chain.


  • Casio

    CasioTo meet demanding customer needs in the consumer electronics space, Casio deployed a supply chain planning system to help them ensure manufacturing operations efficiency and visibility of information across multiple departments and operations. Unfortunately, the system failed to address their demand planning needs. As a result, Casio turned to Kinaxis. Now with RapidReponse, Casio can collaborate and respond rapidly to any changes in supply and demand, which has helped shortened lead times and reduced inventory levels.


  • Celestica


    With a global manufacturing footprint and inherently complex supply chains, Celestica was looking for a solution that would allow them to establish one global standard for available to promise and clear-to-build-capabilities. With its deep what-if analysis capabilities, RapidResponse meets Celestica’s order promise needs with a superior level of speed, flexibility and scalability which means they can respond to customer requests quickly and accurately.


  • EMS Provider

    Given its focus on customer responsiveness, this Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider needed to improve data availability and analysis to support decision-making and demand response times to manage dynamic customer needs. Order promise capabilities and on-time delivery in response to order and/or forecast changes were urgent needs in particular. Learn how RapidResponse helps this EMS company achieve quick resolution to persistent changes across the supply chain.


  • First Solar

    First SolarLooking to address several key operational challenges - which included achieving supply chain alignment across various functions as well as improving supply chain visibility across functions and organizations – First Solar made the decision to deploy Kinaxis RapidResponse and move to a more demand-driven supply chain.  As a result, First Solar has seen improvements in demand planning, S&OP, inventory management and much more.


  • Hubbell


    Hubbell Lighting is an excellent example of today’s globally distributed, multi-enterprise supply chains. This complexity mixed with the challenges of demand volatility and the need for responsiveness brought about a focus on supply chain management strategies. Kinaxis RapidResponse has helped Hubbell to dynamically align demand and supply and perform what-if analysis on various supply scenarios to better respond to fluctuating demand.


  • Kennametal

    Kennametal Growing global complexity and increasing demand volatility meant Kennametal faced bloated inventory levels, low customer satisfaction and an overly high SKU count. Keeping data connected and processes optimized represented a massive hurdle. Looking to overcome these challenges, the company implemented RapidResponse, a robust supply chain management solution, to help deliver supply chain maturity, increase data integration and improve its bottom line.