Varian Semiconductor Equipment

Response management in a cyclical, build-to-order environment.

About Varian

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc., headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, designs, manufactures and services semiconductor processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs). With 30 years of experience in the industry, Varian Semiconductor is dedicated to meeting the exacting demands of IC production and satisfying the ion implantation needs of IC manufacturers worldwide. With over 3,300 implanters installed throughout the world, Varian Semiconductor systems implant more than five million wafers each and every day – more than all of their competitors combined.

The Challenge and Benefit

Varian Semiconductor manufactures capital equipment for the semiconductor industry – a highly cyclical market that involves complex products that are subject to significant customization requirements and ongoing engineering updates. Add to that an inconsistency between long lead times required from suppliers for intricate parts and short order lead times called for by customers due to inevitable delays in their capital expenditure decisions, and you have an organization, like many others, plagued with potential threats to operations performance and customer satisfaction.

With a four-month deployment, Kinaxis RapidResponse software started giving immediate payback within the Varian Semiconductor materials organization by providing the supply chain visibility and flexibility required to quickly respond to a constant stream of changes to build plans and effectively manage the resulting impact on operations.

Varian saw great results – you can too

Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across your integrated business planning and digital supply chain.

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