A high-definition view of the entire supply chain

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About Vizio

With smart design and innovative technology, Vizio’s high-performance TVs and sound bars elevate the home entertainment experience. The company depends on fine-tuned supply chain planning to manage relationships with international suppliers and resellers and to maintain its edge in the fiercely competitive consumer market.

The Challenge and Benefit

While Vizio’s products are high-tech, its legacy supply chain planning tools weren’t quite so sophisticated. Different business divisions used different tools, trapping information in silos. Interactions and interdependencies were largely invisible. Changes in one area required manual adjustments to others. Seeing the full picture of supply and demand was virtually impossible.

Kinaxis RapidResponse provided exactly the concurrent planning capabilities Vizio wanted, allowing users to view, plan for and integrate multiple business functions through a single customizable platform.

Real-time view to make better decisions
Staying within a platform like RapidResponse that is dynamic and transformative and gives you a real-time view of what’s really going on helps us make better decisions.

Vizio saw great results – you can too

Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across your integrated business planning and digital supply chain.

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