Sense change and improve forecast accuracy.

Stop guessing. Plan better with Kinaxis.

A social media post. A summer cold snap. A sales promotion. A shift in consumer shopping habits. All those factors, and countless others, impact demand for your products. But how do you know which? Or when? And by how much?

Demand.AI’s powerful models incorporate deeper patterns in internal and external data, cutting through the noise to get to the signals that matter. So you can sense changes and accurately forecast demand over every time horizon to delight your customers. And your business.


Augment existing plans

Improve the starting point for your demand and supply plans with more accurate forecasts.


Sense and react to changes

Automate and optimize forecasts with machine learning that predicts changes in demand from both internal and external data signals.


Ingest any data signal

Understand and incorporate the true drivers of your demand with both internal and external signals.


Improve efficiency

Maximize revenue opportunities and proactively resolve risks through tighter coordination across functions.


Results you can trust

Use advanced statistical forecasting to incorporate events like promotions, holidays and new product introductions into your plan. video thumbnail

Yesterday’s data is no match for tomorrow’s reality

When a single tweet can change everything, yesterday’s data is no match for today’s reality. Stop guessing & plan better with Demand.AI from Kinaxis.

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Kinaxis gives you agility to make fast, confident supply chain decisions. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change.

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