Why Kinaxis?

Supply chains are complex and unpredictable. Last-minute opportunities. Unexpected threats. Day-to-day disruptions. All add to the volatility we face every day. Keeping customers happy has never been harder. Kinaxis helps you overcome all that.

Community + Technique + Platform

Kinaxis gives you the confidence to know you’re making the best decisions in time to make a difference. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change. We solve complex supply chain problems in easy-to-understand ways by combining human and machine intelligence.


Our customers are some of the most passionate in the world. So are our staff and partners. Becoming part of this community gives you access to like-minded people all excited about co-creating the future of planning. You’ll be able to call on experts, both from within and outside of Kinaxis, any time you need them. The result is a group dedicated to helping you realize ongoing success.


Our unique technique of concurrent planning delivers a supply chain that’s completely connected and always in-sync. It bridges the gap between planning and execution by instantly and continuously balancing your end-to-end network. When a planner in one area makes a change, everyone else across the supply chain immediately sees the impact.


S&OP, demand, supply, inventory, capacity – start from anywhere and grow the way you want with RapidResponse, our cloud-based integrated supply chain planning platform. RapidResponse is easily scalable and delivers the capabilities you need to grow and succeed. All without needing any custom code or bolted on modules. Plus, with its responsive, people-first design, RapidResponse works on any device you do, so you can make critical decisions on the go.

Reduced finished goods inventory by 33%

Reduced manufacturing lead times by 20%

Planning cycle reduced

SOP scenario reduced

How we're different

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.