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SupplyChainz, through its team of highly experienced professionals from Manufacturing as well as IT Industry, offers a rich blend of experience to our clients, be it from Manufacturing or Trading or from Service industry, providing automation solutions to any and every piece within the Supply Chain process flow, be it pre-production or post-production. Our proprietary tools, SalzPoint and ServizPoint, built precisely to meet the downstream supply chain needs of Product and Service companies. They can seamlessly integrate with some of the legacy tools used for Supply Chain planning such as Kinaxis, or with an ERP or with a CRM or with any other tools used any part of supply chain needs. We take pride in offering our consulting services, backed by our IT and Manufacturing experience, and in solving the supply chain automation needs of our clients. We also offer staffing services for Project Management and Solution Implementation with respect to tools from some of the Industry leaders, within SCM, ERP, CRM, PMS, and the likes, such as Kinaxis, SAP, ERPNext, etc.

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