Address data integration challenges across your supply chain with ease 

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Michael Cook, Head of Influencer Strategy for Intelligent Supply Chain Operations Capgemini’s Business Services

David Kozek, Senior Intelligent Supply Chain Process Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services


Leveraging an intelligent data integration platform enables your business and IT teams to view and maintain data from a single source, giving them more freedom to focus on business-critical tasks.

Despite the shift to digital, many organizations are still struggling to manage their data. This means funding increased data management efforts, rather than optimizing data transformations.

To counter this, your organization needs to integrate your data and systems fast – especially if you want to focus on more critical business tasks within your supply chain operations.

Bring your data sources and teams together

Leveraging an intelligent data integration platform enables you to connect multiple data sources instantly – extracting, validating and cleansing data at speed – while helping your users to capture and analyze the data with ease.

It helps you break down silos between your business and IT teams – enabling them to progressively capture and enrich data together when needed. And it ensures more people receive alerts if data is missing, while also providing them with more visibility and understanding around your data transformation efforts.

Finally, an intelligent data integration platform adapts to your ever-changing business and customer needs at speed by leveraging next-gen technology such as Smart Sheets, SmartApps, artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle data across your supply chain.

Drive integrated, data-driven supply chain operations

Capgemini’s intelligent data integration platform leverages robotic process automation (RPA) and Lima Accelerator technology to completely transform how you process data across your supply chain operations. It does this by: 

  • Centralizing planning and data parameter maintenance efforts
  • Improving data visibility and transparency
  • Providing more proactive notification alerts
  • Accelerating solution delivery process
  • Automating data corrections
  • Optimizing performance capabilities. 

All of this brings your business and IT teams together on a single platform, enabling them to view and maintain data from a single source within your organization. In turn, this helps you deliver intelligent, integrated, data-driven, and touchless supply chain operations, while enabling your people to focus on more business-critical tasks. 

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