Stefan Achilles

Stefan Achilles, VP Supply Chain, Spinnaker
VP Supply Chain, Spinnaker
Stefan Achilles is a VP Supply Chain at Spinnaker where he leads the Planning team helping companies achieve their goals and objectives by assisting executives with business process design, organizational alignment and software implementations. In addition, he is responsible for several key strategic initiatives within Spinnaker. He began his career with pioneering supply chain planning software vendor Numetrix, continuing with JD Edwards after Numetrix was acquired. He has been working in the Oracle supply chain partner community as Vice President and Managing Director at MetaChain and Avata with different executive roles in worldwide sales and services leading projects for international organizations in multiple industries. As a business and technical leader with services and operations experience, Stefan has a strong track record delivering successful supply chain initiatives focusing on business process transformations and integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions through strategy development, solution design and implementation management.

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