Best 10 Blogs Posts From 2015

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As you enjoy your downtime over the holidays, here are a few of our best blogs from 2015 to check off your reading list. So grab your favorite holiday drink of choice and read on! We look forward to continuing to bring you interesting and engaging content in the New Year!

  1. Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold? A recent report, ‘Technological Tipping Points’ by the World Economic Forum (WEF), takes a look into a crystal ball, examining the timing and impact of 21 ‘tipping points,’ which they describe as “moments when a specific technological shift hits mainstream society.” A staggering number of those points are things straight out of the futuristic cartoons and early sci-fi series I loved growing up.
  1. Preparing Skills for the Future of Supply Chain Management There is no question that supply chain talent development has become a top of mind multi-industry challenge that takes on different dimensions for both attracting and retaining key talent. The debate is often focused on whether strategies should address a perceived “skills gap” or a “training gap.”
  1. What Your Mom Can Teach You About Effective Supply Chain Have you ever marveled at how some women just seem to have it all together? They manage to turn a hectic household into a well-oiled machine, while I can barely manage to keep my household of two up and running! In honor of these Super Moms, I’ve pulled together the top five reasons why you should be asking your mom for more than just relationship advice.
  1. Supply Chain Risks: Big or Small, Plan For Them All The reality is that risk comes in many forms (including anticipated risk, uncontrollable risk and unanticipated risk). It’s constantly changing. And the amount of risk being faced by supply chain professionals has been on the rise for the past 20 years.
  1. 3 Ways Crowdsourcing Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management We’ve already seen the significant impact that crowdsourcing has on modern business product development, production and delivery, and that effect will undoubtedly only grow over time. Here are three ways that crowdsourcing is revolutionizing supply chain management today—and in the future.
  1. Why Having a Green Supply Chain Has Become a Necessity There is a growing need for sustainability integration into supply chain management and if you haven’t already started down the path to greener pastures you’re falling dangerously behind the trend, and it could be costing you more than you know.
  1. How Will Self-Driving Trucks Impact the Logistics Field What will be the impact of driverless cars and trucks on the Logistics field in general? It’s speculated that this technology might lower the demand for truck drivers – but for logistics planners and service providers (3PLs), are there opportunities for Supply Chain efficiency and strategic advantages?
  1. What Qualities Make the Best Supply Chain Leaders? When considering what attributes supply chain leaders are most likely to possess, it’s easy to think first of hard skills—analytical prowess, technology expertise, and operations and economics knowledge quickly come to mind. But while hard skills may land you a job, many times it’s your soft skills that will keep you there—and accelerate your climb up the corporate ladder.
  1. 3 Supply Chain Career Requirements for Millennials It’s obvious attracting and retaining supply chain talent is critical. Many articles have explored how to entice young people to study supply chain management at the university level. But here, I want to focus on how companies can attract millennials currently working in supply chain management—and keep them happy and productive on the job.
  1. 3D Printing Changes the Supply Chain 3D printing has gone from a novelty to a serious industry, a predicted $16 billion industry by 2018 according to Canalys as stated in another article from the Guardian. Basically, it has become mobile. It has become additive manufacturing.

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