Big Ideas in Supply Chain | P&G: Transformation for a competitive edge

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P&G: Transformation for a competitive edge

Pedro Noriega, Synchronized Planning Solutions Director for North America at Procter & Gamble, used to receive what he calls “love letters” from his colleagues. These weren’t emails extolling the virtues of the supply chain. On the contrary, they demanded answers: Why was supply chain planning delaying the rest of the business?

P&G’s planners were always looking backwards at that time, trying to solve problems from the day before. They spent so much time on transactional work, like data mining and transformation, that they couldn’t proactively prepare for what was coming down the pike. “We still had a lot of people doing manual work in what I would affectionately call ‘Excel nation’ and we needed to do something about that,” says Bob Herzog, Global/Regional Planning Digital Solutions Leader at P&G.

The company embarked on a transformation of its supply chain to enable control tower capabilities, automate manual processes and gain end-to-end visibility into its network.

Sneak a preview of P&G's digital transformation below then watch the full video to learn about how P&G worked with its planners to give the company a competitive edge with transformed supply chain planning processes and technologies.

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