Dyson selects Kinaxis to manage global supply chain

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One of the most exciting consumer products companies in the world, Dyson Inc., has selected Kinaxis to enhance its supply chain agility to achieve a greater competitive advantage. A unique global technology company with a passion for innovation, Dyson will deploy Kinaxis to accelerate planning alignment across its supply chain operations to unlock the rapidly growing demand for its products.

Creating a hyper-agile supply chain

“Using Kinaxis to underpin our Supply Chain Operations will help Dyson continue to grow as the pace of demand for our technology accelerates globally,” said Scott Maguire, Vice President of Global Engineering & Operations, Dyson. By creating a hyper-agile supply chain, Dyson is expecting to further align sales and production, enhance service levels and lower inventories across its supply chain. “We are thrilled to be working with Dyson, one of the world’s leading technology companies to help them enhance their supply chain performance through speed, agility, and accuracy,” said John Sicard, Chief Executive Officer, Kinaxis. Learn more about how Kinaxis helps innovative consumer products leaders like Dyson manage their supply chain for increased agility and competitive advantage.

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