Introducing the Kinaxis Maestro Platform

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Evolving with AI to enable faster, smarter supply chains in perfect harmony

Without a doubt, we are living through a historic period of rapid technological evolution. Leading the charge is generative AI which, since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, has continued to evolve at lightning speed, while having a transformative impact across a wide variety of industries.  

As technology and the world continue to evolve, businesses must do the same. Many of today’s most successful companies have taken unexpected turns at various points during their evolution. Telecom equipment giant Nokia began life as a paper mill. Berkshire Hathaway once sold textiles. These might seem like extreme examples, but they illustrate the link between a willingness to adapt to change and future success. They also serve as a reminder that those who fail to evolve and innovate often find themselves on the sidelines.


Introducing the Kinaxis Maestro platform

At Kinaxis, innovation is in our DNA. On June 18 at Kinexions 24 in Miami, we launched Kinaxis Maestro, the world’s first AI-infused end-to-end supply chain orchestration platform, purpose-built to power the hyper-agile and efficient supply chains of the future.

Maestro is the next evolution of RapidResponse®, bringing together 40 years of industry and customer innovation into the most advanced supply chain platform on the market.

With Maestro, we are reinforcing our position at the forefront of the emerging sub-segment of supply chain management (SCM) known as supply chain orchestration (SCO). SCO brings together the most critical activities of SCM into a connected, holistic process. It supports supply chain network design, scenario modeling, and intelligent, integrated decisions that help companies balance competing objectives across cost, sustainability, speed, and resilience.

As an end-to-end SCO platform, Maestro infuses AI to enable faster, smarter supply chains that perform in complete harmony. With its innovative new capabilities, we believe it will change the game for your business as you navigate today’s economic, environmental, and geopolitical disruptions across your supply chains.


What can Maestro do for you?

Seamless synchronization. Unmatched agility.

Gain a comprehensive, always-on digital view of your supply chain, ensuring continuous synchronization of data, people, and processes for unmatched agility.

Be ready. Whatever happens. 

Predict any future, from any past, for any horizon with smart scenario modeling to confidently navigate uncertainty and make informed decisions quickly.

Strike the perfect balance of accuracy, efficiency, and speed

Adaptability is the key to mastery. Maestro propagates any new change across the entire ecosystem with speed and synchronicity, enabling you to take proactive action in the face of any disruption, anywhere.

Take your productivity to the next level

Automate routine tasks and use Maestro’s intuitive generative AI interface for enhanced team productivity and satisfaction.


Leveraging AI to get to smarter decisions faster

Our new AI-powered user experience accelerates productivity by helping users learn from documentation and best practices to onboard faster and work more effectively. Moving forward, Maestro will create dashboards, scenarios, and more, which will make it easy for users to explore and interact with data in intuitive new ways.

Maestro also offers an enhanced fusion of computational technologies and techniques to solve a broader range of supply chain problems. By combining technologies and techniques like machine learning, optimization, and heuristics in proprietary ways, organizations can amplify their teams’ decision-making with results that are faster, more accurate, and with a lower total compute cost – all without the need for a team of data scientists.

No data wrangling required

The structural foundations of the Maestro platform are another key innovation. Maestro is built on the first supply chain-specific data fabric in the market, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate and easily operationalize internal and external data across their entire supply chain ecosystem.

Discover how Maestro can help take your organization from visibility to action, with instant command over everything from multi-year strategic planning through down-to-the-second execution and last-mile delivery.

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