Ipsen: Reliable planning for life-saving products

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Never stock out: It’s the goal supply chain planners at biopharmaceutical company Ipsen set at the start of the company’s digital transformation. The promise was ambitious, but as the sole provider of several treatments for cancer and rare diseases, it was essential. Ipsen's supply chain had kept pace with demand for years, but supply chain leaders knew they would need to cultivate new planning capabilities to continue serving future customer needs and a growing product line.

“Patients can’t wait. Those three words are behind almost everything we’re doing in our supply chain.” - Ronan Stephens, SVP, Global Supply Chain, Ipsen

Leaders at Ipsen worked backwards from patient needs to determine that its future supply chain would have to be fast moving, cash lean and connected. At the time, the company’s supply chain was limited by long manufacturing lead times and inflexible partners. “We realized that if we wanted all this to work and stick together, we’d have to gain real-time, worldwide visibility in our supply chain in terms of our demand, supply and our inventory,” says Davy Rey, Business Process Owner, Supply Chain at Ipsen.

Learn how Ipen’s supply chain planning teams transformed the company’s supply chain planning to make their aspirations into reality in the latest video in our Big Ideas in Supply Chain series.

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