[On-demand webinar] How to stop planning in the dark

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Stop making decisions in the dark.


Some things are better in the dark. Fireworks. Watching a movie. Robbing a bank. Supply chain planning isn’t one of them. So why do so many companies still plan that way? Managing a supply chain is tough enough without having to make decisions blind. Increasing cost pressures, growing customer expectations, expanding ecosystems—all add to the complexity you’re facing every day. But today’s planning reality leaves way too much in the dark. Siloed data and processes don’t deliver the visibility you need. Cumbersome, disconnected systems don’t provide the flexibility and agility you want. The resulting lag time leaves you feeling like you’re jumping through hoops only to get to the wrong answer. Planning in the dark like that only leads to unexpected and unwanted results. It doesn’t have to be that way.

See your supply chain in a new light.

Lead your supply chain planning out of the dark and be confident you’re making the best business decisions in time to make a difference. With end-to-end visibility, flexibility and agility you can see what’s lurking in the shadows of your supply chains and get ahead of risks, opportunities and unanticipated events. Check out our on-demand webinar, How to stop planning in the dark, to see how blending human and machine intelligence amplifies your planning performance and helps you see your supply chain in a whole new light by letting you:

  • Spot potential issues sooner, project future impacts faster and leverage machine learning to automatically detect and correct inaccurate design inputs like lead times and yields so supply chains perform like they should
  • Put customers at the center of the supply chain and keep them happy no matter how often or how fast their needs change with demand-driven inventory and capacity plans, and improved short- and long-term forecasting reinforced by machine learning
  • Adapt quickly and easily to today’s volatile world and close the gap between planning and execution by using the right blend of human and machine intelligence to maximize performance through S&OP all the way down to the production floor







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