Poems about Supply Chain Management Software

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A collection of bad supply chain poems: volume 2

After the success of last year’s bad supply chain poems, I’ve decided to resurrect this cringe-worthy tradition in honor of Bad Poetry Day. So sit back, kick your feet up, and prepare to be amazed by the literary talents of the Kinaxis team around today’s supply chain and our supply chain management software. Dawn of a new supply chain By Alexa Cheater Down with Excel, Let’s turn supply chain planning on its head, No more hours compiling data in spreadsheets we dread! It’s time for a new way, Much better than before, Where teams work together, instead of in silos or behind closed doors. The future is now, And it sure is bright, Features like adaptive collaboration and concurrent planning mean sleep-filled nights. The speed and flexibility, Oh what a treat, A truly responsive supply chain just cannot be beat. But how can this be, The naysayers all ask, ‘Isn’t achieving this some kind of gargantuan task?’ Believe in the change, And you’ll soon see, Delivering this revolution is part of the Kinaxis story. We’re here to help, To show you the way, Your victories are ours at the end of the day. So take that first step, Be brave and be bold, Together we’ll create a supply chain to behold. Transformation By Helen Malacrida There once was a sad executive And a very overworked customer service representative They called up Kinaxis RapidResponse turned their world on its axis Now periods with great KPIs are consecutive Bad Warehouse By Alvaro Fernandez A complete disorder Really fit for a hoarder, A floor full of pallets Sorted out with no talents, Such a great giant challenge, For a brave valiant planner! Sooner knowing. Faster acting! By Andrew Dunbar Demand has shifted, Your priorities are skewed. What can help you respond? Your scorecard, when viewed! Looking for problems Early on in the day. What needs your attention? Your dashboard will say! Addressing an issue, Your inventory is messed! Wondering what to do next? Your task flow knows best! Concerned by a trend, Supply plan needs some checks. You need to see details? Your workbook is next! When something goes wrong With your inventory flow, How goes your plan? Alerts help you know! Need help from a colleague To make your plan gel, Who should you ask? Responsibilities can tell! When grouping your products, Customers, and sites, How do you keep sorted? Hierarchies shed light. Data bucket By Joe Cannata There once was a man from Nantucket Who put a value in a date bucket His head was so strained He never got trained So he decided to just say ______________ Power of Kinaxis By John Westerveld There once was a planner from Texas Who's supply chain software was feckless He cursed and he swore But not any more Because now he uses Kinaxis. Ode to SCM By Amy Eyman-LeBlanc I make stuff. I sell stuff. I send stuff. If only…. I had a tool to figure out all the stuff in-between. InvenStory By Steve McStracivk There once was an Inventory Manager with much excess, Knew this wouldn't help her company's success. She tried many a scenario, Collaborating she found she could transfer to Ontario, Wonder's what mess they'd be in without Kinaxis! Life is good By Helen Malacrida Missing KPIs If you have RapidResponse It never happens Still haven’t had your fill of supply chain poetry, be sure to check out last year’s gems if you’re in need of a good laugh or share your own supply chain poetry in the comments below!

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