Top Three Moments from Kinexions: Day One

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We’re all about making supply chain fun, so it should come as no big surprise that our annual training and user conference, Kinexions, embodies that same spirit. And since we were in Vegas, we let the good times roll. With Elvis, showgirls, and a remarkably good Jimmy Fallon impersonation, the first day of the conference was full of laughter. But there was also a whole lot of learning – both about Kinaxis and our RapidResponse solution, and the challenges and triumphs of the supply chain industry as a whole. Here are my top three favorite moments from day one of Kinexions ’15. #3. When current Kinaxis CEO Doug Colbeth apologized for not stepping down sooner. He laughed that if he had known the stock prices were going to do so well after the announcement, investors would have been begging him to do it so much earlier. He’ll be passing the torch to Kinaxis veteran John Sicard in January. All joking aside, Doug has been instrumental in guiding Kinaxis to the success we’ve enjoyed the past few years. We’re lucky to have had him leading the team for as long as he did. After all, according to him this was ever only supposed to be a three-year gig. #2. When Andy Walker from Merck told everyone why he loves Kinaxis. It was a like a dream come true to hear a customer so wonderfully state what it is about us that makes us unique. With his fabulous British accent, Andy said the reason he loves Kinaxis is “The innovative nature of the product.” He even went on to say, “People in supply chain dream about the ability to have concurrence. That’s really what RapidResponse does.” #1. Jeff DeGraff. There are barely any words to describe just how powerful his presentation was. Our day one keynote speaker Jeff DeGraff, known as the ‘Dean of Innovation’, blew people away with his insights. He had people laughing, learning, and getting excited about how to foster innovation at their own companies. I’m even inspired to go out and find a few exceptional delinquents of my own. I can’t wait to see what day two brings!

What was your favorite moment from Kinexions? Let us know in the comments section below.


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