Video: First Solar - Challenging the Norm in Supply-Chain Management

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Ever wonder how you can challenge the norms when it comes to defining supply chain processes? This is something First Solar is in fact doing. For example, with supplier collaboration, the norm for collaborating with suppliers on components and raw materials needs is often through email – providing those fulfillment orders via external systems. It’s often difficult to give suppliers visibility to forecasts and on-hand inventory. First Solar sets out to create a centralized network that will allow it to share forecast data with suppliers upstream, and customers downstream. In this video, Systems Analyst Cameron Sulfaro describes the initiative, and what it has achieved to date. Challenged the norm in the sense of we are moving now at a completely different pace than we were prior to. Very fast, very cutting-edge in a sense.

Watch now: First Solar - Challenging the Norm in Supply-Chain Management

First Solar: Challenging the Norm in Supply Chain Management

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