What we do at Kinaxis to protect data

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At Kinaxis, information is one of the most valuable resources and it’s vital that it is completely safeguarded. Our measures ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our systems and services and all the data we process within them. Even though the internet's openness made it possible for companies to embrace its technological ecosystem swiftly, it also turned out to be a significant drawback – and risk – regarding information security. 

Today, everyone faces numerous risks when using anything digital, such as viruses, malware, social engineering attacks, advanced persistent threats, worms, and other malicious software-related security events. Such incidents have risen over the years, therefore creating a rise in complexity and expenses for companies. Similarly, the understanding of information security has grown. 

At Kinaxis, we have applied security to ensure the safeguard of our customers’ data, our data, our systems, and our people. Information security at Kinaxis accomplishes four crucial tasks:

  • Ensures the software applications run safely on our information technology (IT) systems
  • Protects the information and data received and utilized by Kinaxis
  • Protects the technological assets used by Kinaxis
  • Ensures the entire organization is functioning efficiently. For instance, this can mean frequent application auditing, less time filtering spam, and a faster ability to access necessary information.

The power of standardization

At Kinaxis, best practices and standardization are crucial within IT as we ensure consistency, efficiency, and quality across our processes and software. Standardization helps us establish a common set of guidelines, processes, and tools that enable our teams to work together effectively, regardless of location, or teams’ size. Our best practices are established guidelines that have proven to produce successful results and help ensure quality and consistency.

Whether it is applying policies to applications, managing vulnerabilities, or simply patching, using best practices and standardizing management processes enables collaboration and effective communication among team members. This, in turn, creates a reduction of errors, increased productivity, and ultimately leads to better outcomes for Kinaxis and our customers. 

It's important to establish a culture of continuous improvement, knowledge sharing and collaboration, and provide training and resources to support employees in adopting and following established standards and best practices. Regular review is also essential to ensure relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing IT landscape.

Our Global Information Security Team has implemented a range of sophisticated techniques and intelligent technologies to ensure information is constantly monitored. This is to safeguard Kinaxis corporate, personal and customer data.

A combination of cutting-edge threat intelligence, geopolitical feeds, and risk management algorithms have allowed us at Kinaxis to implement effective security controls to address current and future threats while delivering a dependable supply chain management service. As we continue to grow, we will continually enhance our techniques and technologies and safeguard business operations.

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