Capacity Planning (Constraints)

Your supply chain may have constraints, but your planning shouldn’t.

Manage constraints on a global and regional level

Many organizations declare their goal to be “exceeding customer expectations”. That’s a tall order, especially if you can’t align capacity with demand and supply plans – or respond to changes when they occur.

Get the balance right

Kinaxis Capacity Planning (Constraints) lets you generate realistic supply plans that consider various types of capacity limitations. Quickly and easily balance demand and supply by managing capacity constraints on a global level. Identify and analyze possible problems, simulate changes that could affect resources, collaborate on supply chain constraint issues and align constraint management with other business goals.

Improved outcomes for your business

  • Early identification and proactive management of over- or underutilized assets 
  • Quick and complete cause-and-effect evaluation of planning constraints to gauge their impact on operations
  • Assurance that plans are feasible and realistic through integration of capacity planning and constraint impact analysis with aggregate supply planning and master production scheduling

Workflow Process Components

While every company’s supply chain is unique, certain best practices still apply. Our workflow process templates help you get started fast, while offering the flexibility and personalization you need to meet your goals.

Capacity Process


94% improved planning cycles

94% of surveyed organizations used RapidResponse to improve planning cycles for their relevant supply chain functions with significant results or better.

Survey of 123 RapidResponse users
Collapsed silos and connected functions end to end

The connection of planning centres and people on a single platform with transparency in real-time is a great value add. It is a foundational platform that enables you to break down silos and connect the supply chain and related functions end-to-end.

Zoltan Pekar, Head of Supply Chain , Roland DG Corporation

What’s next on your supply chain journey?

You can achieve significant added benefits by using Kinaxis Capacity Planning (Constraints) with one or more related solutions to ensure synchronization across planning processes.

Organizations using Capacity Planning (Constraints) see even more value by using it with Aggregate Supply Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Supply Action Management, Supplier Collaboration or Integrated Project Management.  

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.