Supplier Collaboration

A solution that actually lets you collaborate with your suppliers.

Set up your suppliers (and yourself) for successful collaboration

Traditional supplier collaboration approaches tend to collect lots of data but not do anything with it. That leaves organizations and their suppliers at arm’s length from each other – which doesn’t deliver much value, even though suppliers are critical to business and operational performance results.

Bring your suppliers into the chain

Kinaxis Supplier Collaboration enables your organization to engage effectively with suppliers and manage issues proactively. It gives suppliers a view into the state of your value chain. As a result, they can understand effect of changes early instead of scrambling at the last minute to find answers when the impact finally reaches them. Plus, you can orchestrate all your supplier collaborations using a single platform that accommodates your unique business processes, terms and conditions.

Improved outcomes for your business

  • Connect data, processes and people to reduce process cycle times, respond to new inputs and make better informed collaborative decisions
  • Balance your requirements for control and ownership with the desire for increased engagement and coordination
  • Share purchase order and forecast requests with collaborative review and adjustment
  • Track supplier commitments and be alerted to gaps between requests and commitments
  • Streamline buyer reviews and approvals
  • Synchronize purchase order and forecast changes your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
Accelerated planning times across multiple nodes

With RapidResponse, we’ve benefited from quicker planning across multiple supply nodes.

Line of Business Manager, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company

What’s next on your supply chain journey?

You can achieve significant added benefits by using Kinaxis Supplier Collaboration with one or more related solutions to ensure synchronization across planning processes.

Organizations using Supplier Collaboration also subscribe to Capacity Planning (Constraints) and Supply Action Management.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.