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Supply chain innovations to propel your business forward.

The era of siloed, linear supply chain management is over.

Shifting customer expectations, rapidly accelerating tech advancements and a near-constant stream of disruptions mean it’s time to rethink how you’ve been managing your supply chain. What’s worked for the past three decades won’t carry our industry forward. It’s time for a new approach and a new vision. One that puts people and connectivity at the center.

To set you on the right path here are five key insights you can take back to your teams, and the Kinaxis innovations that can help get you there faster.


End-to-end orchestration is how we unlock our collective potential

Effective supply chain management takes a village. It’s no longer enough to only manage the portions of your supply chain that exist solely within your organization’s complete control. Collaboration, shared plans and a united sense of purpose must span the entire ecosystem. That’s why we’re excited to share we’re expanding our technique of concurrency from planning through delivery, and across multi-year plans to down-to-the-second execution.

In addition to our new supply chain execution capabilities, we’ve also launched Kinaxis Enterprise Scheduling, designed to help you gain global visibility and control of all your scheduling operations. All in support of our vision for one platform to orchestrate the entire end-to-end network.

Decode your demand with the practical power of AI

As demand patterns continue to re-adjust after COVID-19, now more than ever it’s critical to understand and effectively incorporate the true, real-time drivers of demand. But making sense of the mountains of data available is no easy feat. Or is it?

Kinaxis Demand.AI uses AI to do the heavy lifting for you, taking the burden off your team so they aren’t spending hours trying to make sense of what’s important and how it impacts short- and long-term forecasts.


The battle between speed and accuracy is over

And the winner is—both! Accuracy without speed means by the time you’re ready with an answer, your reality may have changed. Speed without accuracy means you may be making a quick decision, but it might not be the best one. Success requires both speed and accuracy, so finding the right balance between the two is key.

Kinaxis Supply.AI uniquely fuses heuristics, optimization and machine learning so you get more accurate decisions faster. With use cases ranging from co-product optimization to could-be-built to sourcing optimization, it’s a flexible solution that can help solve multiple problems.

Now is the time to get ahead of incoming environmental regulations and reporting requirements

Even if saving the planet isn’t high on your priority list, it’s time for all of us to get serious about aligning supply chain goals and objectives to corporate environmental, social and governance ones. Supply chains are the biggest contributors to Scope 3 emissions, and as more countries enact requirements around offsets and reporting, it’s critical to start building competencies into your supply chain to support these changes now—or risk penalties down the road.

Our new Sustainable Supply Chain application has you covered, helping you gain actionable insights into GHG emissions, plastics usage, water consumption and more.


Our future is connected—so let’s pursue it together

Lots of people are talking about how supply chain is having a moment. But we believe it’s more than that. It’s the start of a movement. Where supply chain organizations continue to rise as strategic partners across the business. Where there are exciting and rewarding career paths to follow. And where we all come together as a united industry to impact positive change. The future of our industry is bright, and now is the time for us to explore the opportunities ahead of us—together.

As a company passionate about finding innovative ways to solve challenges and make people’s lives better, we want to partner with you to co-create the future of supply chain management.

Reach out so we can start exploring together how we can forge a new future for your supply chain.