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Kinaxis Launches New Certification Program

Customers, Partners, Employees Can Now Earn Kinaxis RapidResponse Credentials

Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS), provider of RapidResponse®, delivering cloud-based SCM and S&OP applications, has officially launched a new certification program as part of its expanded knowledge services initiatives to validate a certain depth, consistency, and quality of RapidResponse product knowledge and expertise.

“Launching our new Kinaxis Certification Program is a pivotal step for us,” said Sarah Sedgman, Chief Knowledge Officer at Kinaxis. “We believe expertise is key to our success and with a structured knowledge program that enables our ecosystem to certify here at Kinaxis, it demonstrates that we have reached a point of maturity where there is market need for certification.”

“Kinaxis certifications will provide our customers, partners, and employees with a way to gain a competitive advantage by validating their skills and expertise with our RapidResponse solution,” added Joe Cannata, Certification Director at Kinaxis.

With multiple levels of certification based on the RapidResponse user role, this new initiative offers numerous benefits across audiences:

  • Customers can increase productivity levels, reduce reliance on technical and other support, and adopt RapidResponse in new ways, leading to higher adoption rates and better value overall.

  • Partners will be able to implement RapidResponse faster and understand the various advantage points and best practices for the solution within the organization, helping Kinaxis effectively scale and empower this increasingly important channel.

  • Employees will receive comprehensive, standardized training, which drives expertise to support company growth, while also giving assurances to client organizations of Kinaxis employees’ skills and credentials.

Achieved primarily through the completion of specified RapidResponse training paths, final exams will provide authentication of the required skills and knowledge.

The Kinaxis Certification Program framework initially consists of general paths aimed at RapidResponse Administrators, Authors, and Contributors, allowing participants to delve deeper and advance their knowledge in tandem with their skill set. A tailored certification program has also been designed for Kinaxis Partners and Employees.

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