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Kinaxis to Revolutionize Sales and Operations Planning for Nissan Motor Co.

Leading Automotive Manufacturer to Employ Concurrent Planning Platform

Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS), provider of RapidResponse®, delivering cloud-based SCM and S&OP applications, today announced that Kinaxis RapidResponse will be deployed by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to plan concurrently across functions and time periods for end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain.

RapidResponse drives S&OP effectiveness through tight integration and alignment of all planning functions, facilitating continuous orchestration of an enterprise’s operations performance. RapidResponse dynamically balances supply and demand in response to ever-changing conditions and enables effective collaboration in order to choose a sales and operations plan that most closely aligns with corporate financial goals.

Because the global automotive manufacturer operates in a complex and competitive environment, the company required a concurrent planning platform to enable a more efficient operation. Ultimately, Kinaxis RapidResponse was selected by Nissan to revolutionize their planning by improving accuracy and speed of its planning and decision-making.

“A robust supply and demand balancing system is critical for a global company to drive tangible business outcomes,” said Koichiro Sakakibara, Manufacturing and SCM System Department at Nissan. “As RapidResponse is deployed, we will remove supply chain planning functional boundaries to gain a consolidated view of our entire supply chain. We see this as a long term relationship between our two companies and are convinced of the flexibility and scalability of RapidResponse to support future plans.”

“We are delighted that RapidResponse was selected by Nissan as its supply chain planning system of record,” said John Sicard, Chief Executive Officer at Kinaxis. “Kinaxis continues to solidify its unique value proposition as a single solution to the supply chain challenges faced by today's manufacturers. RapidResponse is a powerful concurrent planning platform for manufacturers to make effective demand and supply balancing decisions to drive corporate performance amid an increasingly volatile environment.”

Concurrent planning collapses decision cycle times by connecting all links in the supply chain. RapidResponse’s unique ability to allow customers to plan concurrently across the entire supply chain beyond the boundaries of an organization and locations to make consensus based plans simultaneously and seamlessly. Concurrent planning helps organizations understand the interaction of supply chain decisions – how a change in one functional area will impact another, which enables better decisions faster.

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As the recognized leader in digital supply chain management for concurrent planning, Kinaxis is helping organizations around the world revolutionize their supply chain planning. Kinaxis RapidResponse, our cloud-based supply chain management software, connects your data, processes and people into a single harmonious environment. With a consolidated view of the entire supply chain, you can plan expected performance, monitor progress and respond to disconnects when reality hits. RapidResponse lets you know sooner and act faster, leading to reduced decision latency, and improved operational and financial performance. We can prove it. From implementation to expansion, we’re here to help our customers with every step of their supply chain journey. 

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