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What if you could understand the consequences of your supply chain management decisions before you actually made them?

At the heart of RapidResponse® is a proprietary in-memory database with integrated and optimized supply chain analytics that can process millions of records of data and perform demanding calculations in seconds.

Invisible to the user, supply chain analytics are embedded directly within RapidResponse and display the impact of simulated changes in seconds without having to rely on custom applications and reports. The result is instant impact analysis and the ability to identify the full consequences of decisions prior to execution, so you can run a more efficient, successful supply chain.

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RapidResponse supply chain analytics includes:

  • Allotment Overrides
  • Alternate BOM
  • Attributed-Based Planning
  • Available to Promise (ATP)
  • Bill of Material Explosion
  • Bill of Material Level Part Substitution
  • Capable to Promise (CTP)
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Co-product and By-product Planning
  • Constraint Manager
  • Cumulative Lead Time
  • Engineering Change
  • Feature Bill of Materials
  • Financial Analysis
  • Forecast Consumption
  • Full-Level Pegging
  • Goal-Oriented Analytics
  • Global Part Substitution
  • Incremental Availability
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Inventory Pooling
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Kanban support in netting and capable to promise calculations
  • Material Expiry
  • Model-Unit Effectivity
  • MRP (Netting and Explosion)
  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization
  • Multi-Level Search
  • Multi-Site
  • Multi-Sourcing
  • Priority
  • Ship sets and whole order availability analysis
  • Single Echelon Inventory Planning
  • Supply Allocation
  • Time-phased pricing support

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Our supply chain analytics are designed with business efficiency and performance in mind. The analytics code is directly compiled into the database engine where it has direct access to the data and the various data relationships. For business, less moving of data between the database and the analytics engine means much better performance.

Calculated and predictive

The RapidResponse data and analytics model extends far beyond static input data to include calculated key performance outcomes (e.g. fill rates, shortages, excess & obsolete inventory, order actions, margin projections, revenue projections, etc.), so you can model and represent several states of the supply chain—historical, present, and future.

ERP agnostic

The scalable in-memory computing engine of RapidResponse has the ability to mimic any data model to create ERP agnostic analytics. One system can simultaneously model and imitate the analytics of multiple ERP systems and other transactional applications coming from multiple enterprises. It is this technology breakthrough that enables our customers to continuously expand the relevant application areas of RapidResponse across their businesses.

"Always on"

Unlike in batch-oriented systems, RapidResponse analytics continuously and automatically calculates results in response to changing inputs. If, for example, you make a change to an order, RapidResponse will instantly refresh the impacted planning data and let you know the consequence of that update. Like the human brain, it knows when something has changed and is always ready to answer your next question.

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Foundational to the value of RapidResponse is its high speed, configurable, and embedded supply chain analytics.


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More people empowered with broader analytical capabilities.

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Consistent calculations across systems.

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Fast and informed decisions to help manage your supply chain.

>70% of organizations rate RapidResponse in-memory analytics as a key differentiator

71% of surveyed organizations rated RapidResponse's supply chain analytics as 4 out of 5 higher in terms of how differentiated they are compared to the competition.

RapidResponse drives faster, multi-tier planning

With RapidResponse, we've benefited from quicker planning across multiple supply nodes.

Scenario simulations on-the-fly

RapidResponse gives us immediate results of "what if" scenario simulations, without changing or affecting actual planning parameters.

Better planning capabilities

We appreciate RapidResponse's operational benefits; what-if capabilities, alerts, accuracy in the plan in comparison with SAP/APO.

Given a general-purpose in-memory database engine, it’s possible to envision a company – or more likely, a systems integrator – building the advanced supply chain planning tools needed to make use of this technology. However, the cost of building, maintaining, and upgrading that environment would be greater than most companies could bear, and the likelihood is slim to none that such a purpose-built system would be able to support the breadth of technical and business functionality that Kinaxis has been able to deliver with RapidResponse.

Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting

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