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Kinaxis AI

Intelligently control the digital supply chain.

Kinaxis empowers planners to make fast, confident data-driven decisions by combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence and concurrent planning. Know sooner what data is relevant to your plans. Act faster on insights derived from that data. And eliminate wasted time and talent by letting planners focus where they add the most value.


Increased efficiency

Eliminate the need for a team of data scientists through an easier and lower-cost entry point to implement machine learning into your supply chain planning by automating the entire machine-learning workflow. And free up planners’ time to focus on solving high-impact problems by automating time-consuming processes like data transformation and forecast model selection.


Confident decision-making

Improve user adoption and acceptance of machine-learning-generated results through easy-to-interpret visualizations that create trust by explaining the breakdown of which data features affect demand predictions and by how much.


Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Machine learning and always-on analytics ensure your supply chain is always learning to be more efficient, giving you the best recommendation to balance supply and demand using real-time inventory, customer demand and supplier status data.


Data fusion

See faster time-to-value by automatically ingesting data from a variety of sources – no data-wrangling required. State-of-the-art technology lets you bring in any new structured or unstructured data source without going through the laborious task of defining a schema. Just drag, drop and go.



Gain greater efficiency by automating the entire machine-learning workflow – without the need for data scientists. Stop expecting your planners to become masters of data preparation and manipulation. Automate the time-consuming process of cleansing, engineering, transforming and training data, so planners can focus on what they do best.



Drive higher user adoption with visual explanations of predictions – so planners trust the system. No more blind faith in math. Planners understand and accept system-generated recommendations more readily because results are transparent and easy-to-interpret and provide just the right amount of explanation.



Enjoy lower cost-to-entry with AI solutions native to your planning platform – or that integrate seamlessly with it. We offer the ability to leverage our unique AI algorithms or bring inputs from any existing AI algorithm or system into RapidResponse to ensure you’re driving real value from your investments.


Large supply chain SaaS dataset

Kinaxis was the first to deliver supply chain planning software in software as a service (SaaS) form. Since then, we’ve accumulated massive data stores, which we’re leveraging to train and refine machine-learning models to solve practical planning problems.

Powering the planning revolution

Supply chain leaders have to be able to answer fundamental questions like  “Is this important?”,  “What’s the impact?”  and  “How can I correct the situation?”  With AI-powered concurrent planning, you can bridge the gaps between data, process and people to answer, and act on those questions in seconds.

Kinaxis Demand AI

Take the guesswork out of demand forecasting.

Empower planners with highly accurate demand forecasts across all horizons using machine-learning based forecasting and sensing, while leveraging analytics, insights, and exception-based workflows to prioritize high value-add work. Incorporate the true drivers of your demand with both internal and external signals. Improve the starting point for your demand and supply plans with more accurate forecasts. Use confidence scores to focus consensus forecasting effort across the organization.

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Drive costs out of your supply chain.

Balance trade-offs incorporating cost, revenue, on-time delivery, capacity and more using new modeling approaches and analytical solvers. Harness existing master data. Leverage flexible business objectives. Plan at any level of granularity. With Supply.AI you can solve a wide variety of business problems, including could-be-built to maximize margin by determining what products to build and how given available supplies and uncommitted capacity, and common blend, which lets you make the best use of available APIs and select the optimal processing techniques to maximize total demand satisfied.

Kinaxis Self Healing Lead Time Dashboard

Enhance performance and reduce risk.

The Self-Healing Supply Chain takes your ability to know sooner and act faster even further by examining supply chain design assumptions, comparing those with actual performance and then closing the gap automatically using machine learning. Spot potential issues sooner. Project future impacts on your business faster. And realize increased profitability with automatic monitoring and adjustments.

Kinaxis Control Tower

Put external algorithms to good use.

RapidResponse is the first and only concurrent planning platform that lets you create custom interconnected applications and algorithms and leverage external algorithms in practical, profitable ways across your supply chain. Run our core planning algorithms and build your own custom apps and algorithms on RapidResponse.

Innovative brands trust Kinaxis

Companies across industries and of all sizes and maturity levels trust us to help them intelligently take control of their integrated business planning and digital supply chain. From moving off Excel to complete digital transformations, read our customer success stories to see how Kinaxis delivers proven results.

Dr Reddys

Detect, analyze and heal with the Self-Healing Supply Chain.

Built using advanced machine-learning algorithms, the Self-Healing Supply Chain bridges the gap between supply chain planning and execution and gives you the visibility you need to spot potential issues and take corrective action before they impact planning performance.

The self-healing supply chain
Advanced AI
Having the ability to automatically detect changes in our supply plan, predict the impact on our business and suggest alternative plans of action through advanced machine-learning capabilities gives Plexus an edge in meeting our customers’ needs.”
Scott Theune, Senior Vice President – Global Supply Chain
Plexus Corp.

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