Applied Materials

Meeting customer needs before they arise.

About Applied Materials

Applied Materials is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductors and display equipment. The highly specialized nature of its products means that lead times for customer delivery can be unsustainably long. The company’s acquisition of Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates brought with it a tool that helps the company be ready before orders are placed: Kinaxis RapidResponse.

At the time of the acquisition, Varian had already made impressive strides in managing its supply chain, responding to questions faster and better meeting customer requests. This prompted a company-wide rollout of RapidResponse.

Applied Materials: Data mining in minutes video

The Challenge and Benefit

Before Applied Materials started using RapidResponse, planners and senior management had to rely on the IT team to set up complex inventory queries and produce reports – work that could take months. Users could not afford to wait if they wanted to plan and respond to internal stakeholders or customers with accuracy and confidence.

Applied Materials needed a platform that would provide advance notice if a supplier was overcapacity and running behind schedule. That would give the company the chance to implement other options and make sure it could still meet its own deadlines. RapidResponse proved to be the solution Applied Materials needed.

No more Excel or custom IT applications
Without RapidResponse, I’d be spending a lot more time with hat in hand asking IT for the next report, or taking a report I already had and trying to monkey around with it in Excel.

Applied Materials saw great results – you can too

Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across your integrated business planning and digital supply chain.

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