Kinaxis Maestro™

A single platform for end-to-end supply chain orchestration

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Introducing Maestro

Master uncertainty. Tame complexity.

Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) is the only AI-infused end-to-end supply chain orchestration platform for fast, intelligent decision-making. 

Fusing together multiple proprietary analytical technologies and techniques, Maestro empowers you with the right answer at the right time and speed for your business. So you can move with agility and efficiency no matter the situation.

Intelligent decision-making at your fingertips

Maestro infuses AI across your supply chain in an approachable way to help you get to smarter decision-making, faster and at a lower total cost.

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What makes Maestro different?

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Seamless synchronization. Unmatched agility.

Get an end-to-end, always-on digital view of your supply chain that keeps your data, people, and processes continually in sync. Maestro instantly and automatically propagates any new change across the entire ecosystem with speed and synchronicity so you can improve agility and achieve high performance faster.

Future proof your supply chain.

Predict any future, from any past, for any horizon with smart scenario modeling. Run any number of scenarios, create infinite supply chain digital twins, and capture historical context in seconds for accountable decision-making based on key performance indicators (KPIs). So you can confidently navigate uncertainties, optimize outcomes, and drive sustained success. 

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Strike the perfect balance of accuracy, efficiency, and speed - always.

Leverage Maestro’s unique fusion of advanced techniques to solve a single problem in a way no other software can. Get the intelligence of machine learning, the accuracy of optimization, and the speed of heuristics - all at once. And, as new technologies emerge, Maestro’s flexible architecture is designed to keep your supply chain at the cutting edge.

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Take your productivity to the next level.

Let machines do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters. Automate routine tasks and escalate exceptions with AI and predictive algorithms. Make complex tasks simple with Maestro’s responsive, role-based UI, generative AI interface, and smart collaboration features. So your teams can achieve more with less effort and greater satisfaction.

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No data wrangling required.

AI is only as good as the data you provide it. See faster time to value by automatically ingesting data from a variety of sources –our supply chain data fabric will bring in any new structured or unstructured data source without going through the laborious task of defining a schema. With advanced data management, you unlock the full potential of Maestro, driving optimized benefits and superior performance.


What can Maestro do for you?

  • Decision Intelligence
  • Scenarios
  • Automation

Decision Intelligence

Capitalize on internal and external data signals to automate decision-making. Through continuous post-game analysis, learn from past resolutions to improve future outcomes. And empower teams with instant visibility and prescriptive KPI-driven recommendations that prioritize complex problems, identify severity, and help you find root cause.

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Create and run unlimited scenarios in seconds to determine exactly what the impact of a change is on your plans, your supply chain, and your company as a whole. So you can make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence, ensuring resilience and agility in the face of any disruption.

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Streamline and optimize time-consuming, repetitive, and mundane tasks, freeing your people to focus on value-add activities to drive your organization forward. Empower your team to innovate and excel while enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and lowering costs for your business.

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See Maestro in action

A single platform for end-to-end supply chain orchestration.

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