The green supply chain

Powering sustainability in supply chain management.

Know sooner. Act faster. Remove waste.

As customer demands rise and global supply chains are expected to thrive amid constant volatility, ensuring efficiency across planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and returns is essential for the health of your business – and the planet. Improve sustainability in your supply chain:


Remove waste

Whether it’s raw materials, fuel costs or employee time, ensure your resources are used at peak efficiency through end-to-end visibility.


Maintain compliance

Make sure your supply chain meets environmental regulations like CAFE for sourcing, clean air and emissions.


Reduce inventory

Virtually eliminate costly stock-outs and wasteful overstocks with solutions to more precisely predict and balance supply and demand.


Cut carbon emissions

Estimate, project, and simulate supply chain-related CO2e and compare emissions from multiple scenarios.


Strengthen partnerships

Attract the attention of savvy suppliers, manufacturers and customers looking to partner with companies committed to supply chain sustainability.



Of supply chain organizations have an emissions or renewable energy target



Of businesses expect to deselect suppliers based on environmental performance



Increase in organizations requesting supply-chain data to reduce carbon emissions



Of supply chain companies have integrated climate change into their business strategy



Of supply chain businesses engage with their suppliers to reduce emissions

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